Hello Mabry Families and Staff,

Have you heard about the important education referendum on the November 6 ballot?

Today, we have exciting news to share: you can see the direct, positive impact the referendum would have on our school with a list of projects specifically planned for our school, if the half-penny sales tax passes.

Please see our school’s projects, as well as other schools in our area, right now at https://hillsboroughschools.org/referendum.

The half-penny sales tax would invest $131 million in our county’s students and schools each year for ten years. The funding would be spent on specific projects to improve our public schools—the list across our district includes replacing air conditioners, fixing leaky roofs, new classroom technology, upgrading safety and security systems, and new schools to relieve overcrowding.

To make sure the money is spent as promised, an independent Citizen Oversight Committee will keep an eye on all spending. The committee’s six private citizens cannot have any connection with the district or benefit financially from the projects.

It’s estimated the half-penny sales tax would cost the typical family in Hillsborough County $63 per year. That amount is based on IRS sales tax tables and the median annual income of a typical family in our county. Tourists would also pay a portion of the sales tax, but all of it would benefit our students in Hillsborough County.

You can find some of the frequently asked questions about the half-penny sales tax on our district’s website: https://sdhc.k12.fl.us/doc/2296/investing-in-students/resources/faq-142/.

If you’d like to get your questions about the education referendum answered in person, you’re invited to attend one of our scheduled Town Hall Meetings with Superintendent Jeff Eakins and our district staff: https://sdhc.k12.fl.us/doc/2300/investing-in-students/resources/townhallmeetings/

Please share this important information with your neighbors. We can all play a role in informing voters about this important issue. Education has a direct impact on everyone in our community. When we invest in our students and our schools, our entire community succeeds.