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Note From the PTA President!

Hello and welcome to another great year at Mabry Elementary!

As we start the 2018-2019 school year,  it is an honor to have the opportunity to work with so many passionate and dedicated volunteers serving on the board and committees! It is the dedicated volunteers who drive the tremendous success of the Mabry PTA year after year.

The Mabry PTA is dedicated to supporting the parents and teachers, while advocating for the best learning environment and experiences for the children. The PTA is dependent on its members and volunteers to ensure a “voice” for the children and school community.  

Nikki Armstrong
[email protected]
Mabry PTA President, 2018-2019

Mabry PTA Officers 2018-2019

President Nikki Armstrong 813-767-1010 [email protected]
1st VP Programs & Services Arianne Corbett 352-339-5480 [email protected]
2nd VP Volunteers & Membership Courtney Gilner 813-340-7818 [email protected]
3rd VP Fundraising Cristina Blunt 813-431-4380 [email protected]
4th VP Communications Shiloh Johnson 813-541-5453 [email protected]
Treasurer Melissa MacKinnon 813-748-2484 [email protected]
Recording Secretary Rachel Fenton 813-508-4044 [email protected]

Mabry PTA Committees & Subcommittees 2018-2019

* denotes exec board positions

Programs & Services Arianne Corbett 352-339-5480 [email protected]
After School Enrichment (ASE)* Jamie McHenry 913-306-7447 [email protected]
Awards & Recognition* Lisl Unterholzner 813-250-0480 [email protected]
Birthday Table Kerry Knesl 813-468-5858 [email protected]
Grants & Scholarships Caro Massari 813-767-3367 [email protected]
Curriculum Enhancement* Kristen Schmidt 813-748-3564 kristin[email protected]
Technology Mrs. Buckenheimer
Great American Scholar Mark Chandler [email protected]
Reading Buddies Maria Rodriguez 727-459-9575 [email protected]
Book Fairy Program Kendall Kearns 813-352-7884 [email protected]
Community Outreach* Angie Chalmers 813-205-9282 [email protected]
Dolphin Depot* AC Mitisek 813-833-8758 [email protected]
School Services* Shantanice Vaxter 404-895-7234 [email protected]
Beautification Kelly Bucey 813-924-8975 [email protected]
Jennifer Whitlock 813-446-1473 [email protected]
Coleman Liaison Peggy Walker 813-731-5277 [email protected]
Environmental Improvement Jessica Strauss [email protected]us
School Supplies Peggy Walker 813-731-5277 [email protected]
Teacher Grant Lisa Bujnicki 407-694-3097 [email protected]
Yearbook Diane Grossman [email protected]
Student Activities* Lauren Logsdon 617-905-3116 [email protected]
Cultural Arts/Reflections Nanette Daily [email protected]
Dad's Club Nelson Bosque 813-597-6722 [email protected]
Health & Fitness Stacy Francolla [email protected]
Family Dinner Nights Beata Browne 609-672-8726 [email protected]
Holiday Shop Alexis Bever 813-546-1688 [email protected]
Art Show/Reflections Michael Martz [email protected]
5th Grade Celebration Christine Miller 813-495-3619 [email protected]
Kelly Hageman 813-340-7171 [email protected]
Chelle Stringer 813-956-2692 [email protected]
Talent Show Rachel Godin 813-458-3779 [email protected]
Volunteers & Membership Courtney Gilner 813-340-7818 [email protected]
Advocacy & County Rep* Emily Elliott 504-421-9668 [email protected]
Safety Committee Chair Beth Garland 917-941-1080 [email protected]
Taylor Garland [email protected]
Faculty Rep* Ms. Heinberg [email protected]
Homeroom Parent Coordinator* Jen Holden 813-484-4978 [email protected]
Hospitality* Brandi Whitney 813-300-2552 bhwhit[email protected]
Teachers Working Lunch Thais Pepe 813-503-2166 [email protected]
New Parent Coffee Lisa Metheny 813-503-2277 [email protected]
Kindergarten Round Up Nikki Armstrong 813-767-1010 [email protected]
Staff Appreciation Week Lissa Mize 813-598-5136 [email protected]
Amy VanOverbeke 813-382-5310 [email protected]
Popsicles in the Park Angie Newton 678-591-8371 [email protected]
GMM Coordinator Nichole Galarza 813-841-8570 [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator* Kellie Haber 813-494-3253 [email protected]
Media Center Kelly Bednar [email protected]
Picture Day Kelly Callahan 813-830-2625 [email protected]
Fundraising Cristina Blunt 813-431-4380 [email protected]
Fall Fundraiser Brandi Seals 813-767-9625 [email protected]
Celeste Ferreira 813-695-8804 [email protected]
Spring Auction Fundraiser Nelson Bosque 813-597-6722 [email protected]
Box Tops Jennifer Bosque 813-727-4842 [email protected]
Spirit Nights Jennifer Sack 813-774-2122 [email protected]
Sam Radigan [email protected]
Business Partner Jesica Montgomery 317-501-5739 [email protected]
Communications Shiloh Johnson 813-541-5453 [email protected]
Website Draughon Silcox 813-787-8177 [email protected]
Marquee/Pavers Jennifer Chan 727-470-0426 [email protected]
Social Media Shiloh Johnson 813-541-5453 [email protected]
Treasurer Melissa MacKinnon 813-748-2484 [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer* Erin Corcoran 813-731-0737 [email protected]