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Spring 2018 ASE Information

SPRING 2018 REGISTRATION BEGINS:  Monday, January 15 at 6pm  
REGISTRATION ENDS: Wednesday, January 17 at 11pm
Prior to registration: to access the online forms please go to the website and follow the drop down menu to ASE and follow the instructions once posted! Please reference this form in the meantime. is the registration software utilized, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to activate a membership to register.
Please follow the instructions on the website for correct registration method.

12 Week Program Dates**: classes begin the week of January 29 and end May 4
*School non-student days:
Monday: Start Jan. 29 & end April 30   (NO class Feb. 19 and March 12)* - 1:15-2:15p
Tuesday: Start  Jan. 30 & end April 24  (NO class March 13)* - 2:15-3:15p
Wednesday: Start Jan. 31 & end April 25  (NO class March 14)* - 2:15-3:15p
Thursday: Start  Feb. 1 & end  April 26  (NO class March 15)* - 2:15-3:15p
Friday: Start Feb. 2 & end May 4 (NO class Feb. 9, March 16 and March 30)* 10 week session - 2:15-3:15p

Dismissal Options: It is the parent’s /guardian’s responsibility to arrange transportation home for their child promptly if they are not enrolled in Mabry’s Host program. **STUDENTS MAY NOT WALK HOME FROM ASE.
  • HOST after school program
  • CARLINE: Parent’s use the back of the school pick-up line from Neptune (in front of the lunch room). Please do not BLOCK the walkway, pull up to forward-most spot. A hang tag with your children(s) name and class will make pick up expedient. These tags are free and may be picked up from the office and/or will be handed out on the first day of ASE. DO NOT park and walk up unless instructed to do so.
  • PARENT WALK UP: Parents MAY PARK on Estrella and WALK UP to the Main office Courtyard area. NO CAR pick up in front of the school in the horseshoe will be allowed. Day coordinators will release student ONLY after verification of student to parent/guardian.

Code of Conduct: Please note that Mabry’s code of conduct applies to each ASE class. Classes are held on school property and children are expected to behave in an appropriate manner whether class is taught by a Mabry teacher/faculty or outside vendor. First offense/disruption: warning-teacher or vendor sends notice home to family and records in log. Next disruption will result in a phone call to the parents; third disruption will result in a suspension from one or more ASE classes with no fees refunded.

Drop/Add Policy: Prorated refunds will be offered only for withdrawal from class during the registration period. During the registration window, parents may ***CONTACT ASE VIA EMAIL ONLY [email protected]. Once classes begin, no changes to the roster can be made. This is FINAL.

*Strict adherence to these new policies is a MUST. Any deviation may result in your child’s dismissal from the program. The safety of the children is the main concern.