The 5th Grade Committee has organized a Clap Out Caravan for Thursday, May 28th to honor and celebrate our 5th graders. The administration, 5th grade teachers including AGP teachers, Mrs Heinberg and Ms Rocha will be there to clap out and cheer for our 5th graders. 
Each homeroom will participate in the caravan during the time slot listed below. 
The caravan will take place at the drive at the back of the school (car line pick up). Please enter the caravan from Manhattan and turn right onto Neptune. Please see the attached map for the detailed route to ensure everyone is traveling safely and going in the same direction. 
Parents and students are encouraged to decorate their cars for the caravan. During the caravan the students will receive a yard sign (that will be placed in the trunk) and a small gift. The teachers will also be placing any items that were left in the classroom in your trunk as well. If you still have your car tag, please place it on your car so the teachers can quickly place your child’s belongings in the trunk of your car. If not, then please write your child’s name on a sheet of paper and place it on your passenger side dashboard. 

We know this isn’t what we had originally envisioned our 5th graders last few days at Mabry to look like but we are hoping this still helps them to feel celebrated, honored and special. We look forward to seeing all of you on May 28th
5th Grade Celebrations Committee