Student Council is holding its annual canned food drive.  We are looking for new, unexpired food to donate. Cans can be brought to the box provided in the front of your classroom. The food drive will be from November 6th-9th .

Some items you can bring in are:

•    Canned vegetables

•     Canned fruits

•     Canned soup

•     Canned meat

•     Stuffing

•     Tuna fish

•     Boxes of

        o       instant rice

        o       pasta

        o       potatoes

        o       mac and cheese

•     Dessert Mixes

You can bring in your donations to your student council rep anytime during the week.  Donations will be given to Mabry Families and Metropolitan Ministries. We are also looking to help Westshore Elementary with their Friday Weekend Backpack Fill Up.  Students need food they can easily eat or heat up such as individual snacks, Easy Mac, juice packs, etc.  Together we can make this Thanksgiving special for Mabry and Westshore students!